L’acoustics Hire

Bristol L’Acoustics Hire

We are the largest providers of Bristol L’acoustics hire, and have been supplying their sound systems for events and festivals across the UK and Europe for many years. As such we are able to offer industry standard sound reinforcement scale-able to any sized event.

L-ACOUSTICS® pioneered the field of modern line array as early as 1993 with the introduction of Wavefront Sculpture Technology on the legendary V-DOSC® system.

We have invested heavily in top-spec L’acoustics equipment over the years, enabling us a close relationship with the brand’s representatives and keeping us well informed of upcoming developments and releases in the product range, well in advance of many of our competitors.

We are supremely confident in the quality of our equipment and as such we are happy to provide demonstrations to showcase the versatility and sound quality of all our stock.


L-acoustics X-Series & P-Series hire

  • Short throw, suitable up to 15m
  • Single element deployment
  • Axisymmetric or ellipsoidal directivity

L-acoustics ARCS Series hire

  • Medium throw, suitable up to 35m
  • Vertical or Horizontal line deployment
  • Fixed inter-element angles enabling incremental coverage

L-acoustics K Series hire

  • Long throw, suitable beyond 35m
  • Vertical line deployment
  • Variable inter-element angles enabling adjustable coverage

L-acoustics Subwoofer hire

  • Variable deployment in either vertical or horizontal lines
  • Suitable for Omni/Cardioid configurations