A Brief History of Funktion One

A Brief History of Funktion 1

Funktion 1 was formed in 1992 by John Newsham and Tony Andrews, who had previously co-founded Turbosound with Tim Isaac in the late 1970’s. Their first project was 8 years in the making, researching and developing a sound system for the much-hyped Millennium dome.

Following from the success of the Millennium dome project, word of their systems spread and over the next few years they were installed in many of the top clubs around the world.

From Berghain & Sisyphos in Berlin to Space in Ibiza and Cielo and Output in New York to the Volgograd Arena in Russia, in time for the 2018 World Cup.

Funktion one released 4 main product ranges over the years, starting in 2000 with the Resolution series, still regarded by many as their flagship range. These are the most popular Funktion One hire systems.

Bristol Funktion One hire

Funktion One Resolution 5

This was followed in 2002 with the Dance Stack series, designed specifically for the club world. “An unprecedented level of power combined with a breathtaking transparency and purity with a strong eye-catching aesthetic”.

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Funktion One Dance Stack

Then after a significant break a series of high intensity loudspeakers called the “Evolution” series were released in 2015.

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Funktion One Evolution Series

Their most recent incarnation, the ‘Vero’ series, was released in 2016 and is “a large format touring system… engineered for new levels of audio and operational performance.”

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Why should I hire a Funktion One System?

Funktion One systems focus on achieving the best sound quality by projecting the sound out into the audience so that it resonates in a way that most sound doesn’t. They claim that this is thanks to their unique ‘horn-loaded point source design’.

This system allows them to achieve ‘a high conversion of amplifier energy into acoustic output’. Which in basic terms creates a very natural and responsive sound.

It is perhaps telling that Funktion One define their corporate responsibility as the ‘pursuit of sonic perfection’. And whilst most brands making such a claim would come across as little more than a sound-bite, with Funktion One it is hard to doubt their sincerity.

Funktion One are certainly not for everyone, and neither do they claim to be. But if you are looking for high quality, crisp and loud sound delivered in a unique and immersive way, then they are hard to beat. You can check out our range of Funktion One hire systems here